Print Bikini

Why not spice up your bikini collection with a print bikini? The fun of summer is so fleeting that why not make the most of your beach-going adventures by wearing a fun and stylish bikini? Moods are created and reflected by the clothes we wear and that certainly holds true for swimwear. Of course, you could opt to wear the solid-colored bikini, but if you had to hazard a guess, wouldn’t a colorful print bikini garner a lot more attention?

With so many print bikinis out, there it’s hard to avoid them altogether. Whether it’s animal print, floral print, zigzags, polka dots, stripes or a brand’s logo all over the place, print bikinis are everywhere. Some are more glaring than others, so if you prefer a subtle print, try a monochrome print that uses different hues of the same color group. Or perhaps a pattern that only uses white and another color like gingham.

If you’re shy about color and crazy prints like some people are, start small. If you’re a fan of green, for example, find a suit that has a green and white or green and black print. Or try a green ombre print where the green gradually fades into another color. If you don’t like color, black and white prints abound. There are stripes, polka dots, black with white designs and vice versa, and let’s not forget about zebra print! Another option, if you want to stick with one color, is a print that uses a mix of shiny material on a matte background. It’s all a uniform color but you can see the pattern from the variation in shine.

Animal Print Bikini

The animal print bikini is always a popular choice for the beach. Whether it’s leopard, tiger, zebra, giraffe or even gator, these prints are just as fun for swimwear as they are for any other clothing. If you don’t want to wear animal print from head to toe, there are styles with a colored trim for a color-blocked look. You don’t have the stick to the typical colors either. You can find zebra prints in colors other than black and white, and leopard print other than tan and brown.

Floral Bikinis

Love to stop and smell the roses? You probably won’t find them at the beach but you can certainly advertise your love for flowers in a floral bikini. These colorful prints come in all styles, looks and sizes. There are bikinis with tiny flowers, large artistic flowers, some with Hawaiian floral print and others with actual flower appliques on the suit. If you’re a fan of flowers, you should have no problem finding a bikini that suits your tastes.

Bikini Coverup

Don’t want to walk around with a heavy towel wrapped around you? You’ve got options! Instead of the usual tank top and shorts, try a simple pull-over dress. These short and sometimes sheer styles are the perfect way to coverup from the sun. If you want a more casual look, there’s the sarong to consider. This simple garment is wrapped around your waist then knotted into a tie. There are floor-length versions and knee-length as well.

Bikini Tips

Finding that perfect bikini can sometimes be like finding a diamond in the rough – it’s a seriously hard task! Once you do find that elusive bikini that looks and fits like it was made just for you, you can take certain measures to extend the life of that suit. If you take a dip in the ocean, lake or pool, try to rinse out the salt water or chlorine as soon as you can. If left to settle in, they can start to wear out your suit. Once you change out of your wet bikini, don’t roll it up in a towel or put it in a plastic bag. The moisture will generate heat that will loosen out your suit. When it comes to cleaning, if in doubt, hand wash with mild soap and water, then hang it up to dry.

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